Pocatello Firewood


Pocatello Firewood

Windy Point Lumber should be your first choice when it comes to Pocatello firewood. Why, because we have been in business since 1953. We offer premium bundled and boxed firewood with kindling, fire starters and matches.  Our customers love our bundles and boxes. Pocatello knows our name and loves the service we offer. Windy Point Lumber Company sells firewood in Pocatello, we specialize in bundled and boxed firewood. You can find firewood for sale in Pocatello at many of our resellers locations.  Pocatello is a great town with lots of outdoor activities. Pocatello residents enjoy camping in Scout Mountain and Black Rock Canyon. As a premium reseller, your business will benefit from selling our bundles to campers and outdoor enthusiast. Bundled and boxed firewood is economically friendly, affordable and simple. Pocatello fish and game appreciate those who use bundled firewood opposed to cutting down wild life around campgrounds. Your Pocatello business will benefit from selling our firewood while keeping its mountains beautiful and clean. Windy Point Lumber Company services several businesses in Pocatello Idaho. If you would like to sell firewood in Pocatello give us a call. Lindsey 208-221-8741

Pocatello Firewood Resellers

  • Element Outfitters, 1570 N. Yellowstone, Pocatello, ID
  • Ace Hardware, 222 S. 5th Ave, Pocatello, ID
  • Ridley’s Market, 911 N Main St., Pocatello, ID 83204
  • Tee Box, 3555 Bannock Hwy, 3555 Bannock Hwy, Pocatello, ID

For a list of all our resellers visit our Service Area page!

The companies above love our boxes and bundled firewood. You can read their testimonials in our testimonial page. We believe we offer the best firewood in the region. We believe we are the best Pocatello firewood business around.


Pocatello Firewood Bundles


Here are some reasons why we are superior to the competition:

  • You will receive the HIGHEST quality pine firewood
  • We offer 2 sizes of bundles and 1 size of boxed firewood. We are the only company that offers a variety of sizes.
  • All Bundles are made with heavy-duty woven handles.
  • It is not necessary to keep a large inventory – no minimum required.
  • You will receive price breaks for scheduled delivery days.
  • We are the most dependable and reliable wholesale firewood business in Idaho.
  • We have been in business since 1953.
  • Customers LOVE our bundles, this means you WILL sell more firewood which results in higher profits for your company.
  • Your customers are OUR customers!
  • We treat you like part of the family.
  • We go the extra mile. Windy Point Firewood includes kindling, matches, and fire starters in everything we sell. Customers love this added touch. They have everything they need to start a fire.

Firewood For Sale in Pocatello

We would love to service your business or residence. If you are looking for firewood for sale in Pocatello then give us a call, we believe you will be satisfied with our quality bundles and boxes. We strive to be the best at what we do and our customers say it shows. We look forward to serving you!

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